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Here is a collection of photo's of our weiners, each one with a personality of it's own.

Low Country Doxies offers a wide selection of AKC registered wirehair, longhair, dapple and piebald dachshunds.


I'm Emmy Lou. I'm a wirehair dachshund. I am a small little girl, very hyper and I have the coolest eyes.

Hey Dudes,

My name is Jasper. I am a male longhair piebald dapple dachshund. I'm just a little mellow lady's man. I like just laying around and taking in all the action around me.


My name is Ella. I'm a tiny little Black and Tan piebald dachshund. I'm out going, happy and I'm mama's baby. I love traveling back and forth to the office every day.

What's up?,

Jase is my name. I'm a longhair black and tan dachshund and Jasper is my buddy. We gonna be in competition over the girl doxies


Dottie here. I'm a red and white piebald dachshund. I was adopted by my new mama and things are so much better now. I get to live inside my new home with all my new doxie family and I get lots of love and attention. I'm expecting soon so I'm sure my mom will show you all my new babies.

Low Country Doxies

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